Hosting P2P initiatives

A group for those interested in the quality and role of people hosting p2p initiatives around the ways of organizing learning, work, eating, living...
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  • AGNUcius

    Attempting to setup an alternate form of hosting seems to imply there is something wrong with just buying or renting space and tools as people normally do.

    I agree there is a problem.

    Could each of you please write your high-level description of that problem?

    Try to keep the description 'mechanical' in nature - avoiding emotional terms such as "evil" or "greed".

    I find it helps to pretend each human actor is a computer process vying for physical resources.

    In what way are we (the collective processes) failing to properly allocate and schedule those resources?

    We are not operating anywhere near optimum efficiency, but why? Where or what is the bug in the system?
  • Maria

    What's the problem you see?

    Btw, I am doing some research around the hosting practice we've been developing at The Hub. Please let me know if you are interested in this as your feedback and comments are welcome! I am very passionate about this area of practice and would love to have more chats about all this. Talk to me about it.
  • Franz Nahrada

    Very good idea to create this group. I am studying the idea of special facilities for hosting open developments since quite a time, with friends who are in the hospitality business we are discussing their special needs. We have urban hubs and I am more interested in rural hubs as a good match.