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What are the best practices in regard to sharing information via the internet?

What are the best practices in regard to sharing information via the internet?

This information should ideally enable others to gain time by being:

  • Structured that means categorised (tag for example), clear (title, sub-title,...): so that anyone can find this information quickly and easily understand the whole message.
  • Quickly understood: visualisation could sometimes help in this context.
  • Original: means no repetition with another content somewhere else on the website, prefer in that case to link with this other content.
  • Relyable: with other words:
    • Source (= saying where does this information come from).
    • Social network (trust): which one? advantages and disadvantages of each one?
    • Easy discussion: so that the debate can be facilitated: forum, comments,...

What do you think about this?

Thanks for your reaction since this is a subject I'm still exploring.

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I think you are catching a trend here that is already happening.

The catch-word is "curation".

Scoop.it is an example of a platform that allows to curate news you find around the net, or even to publish your own if you have.


Reliability is still an issue. Our trust networks are well developed for individuals, but that unfortunately doesn't scale well for the web. There are, however, some efforts to remedy that. 

Trust Cloud, I believe, is one of them


and there are others. 

Easy discussion is facilitated by the various social networks. 

Hopefully we will be able to move to some network that is decentralized or entirely p2p based, soon. As the situation is now, there is a heavy price to pay in terms of privacy, for using the social networks. But still - all things considered - it may well be worth it. A lot of people seem to think so. 




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