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Volunteer (or pool) needed to save P2P Research list.

Dear friends,

After the November 2007 2nd P2P Foundation meet-up at Nottingham Trent University, we set up a mailing list for communication on p2p 'research' topics, which was voluntarily and expertly moderated by Ned Rossiter.

The info page is here at http://listcultures.org/mailman/listinfo/p2presearch_listcultures.org

and the archives page is at


Last week, Ned has notified us he can no longer function as moderator, and switched the admin to me.

However, the reality is that, with a full-time job and still trying to maintain and augment the P2P Foundation content base as well as being a father with 4 kids, I cannot take this additional burden on.

I've made a call for volunteers on the list itself, but with a short (probably too short) time to react, as I have to disengage before the start of a intensive 20-day lecture tour.

In addition, for some unknown technical reason, the password provided to me by Ned is no longer operational and I cannot access the list myself.

So, this is a last call to see whether the community thinks this is a valuable resource, and it if is, come up with a volunteer moderator, a pool of volunteers, or whatever solution it may come up with.

Marco Fioretti and Martien van Steenbergen have assured me that the settings can be changed, so that no more spam, or any items from non-subscribers, are accepted, and so a zero-approval mailing list could be run with only very minimal effort.

In the case the solution does not materialize, because of the trip, I have to unsubscribe late Monday, and in case the list is not resurrected, will switch research outreach via another list, that we hitherto barely used, but was meant to be used for internal p2p foundation discussions.

The new list is here at:


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Update: we still have some technical problems, but Ryan Lanham and Kevin Carson have volunteered for the admin pool, so the list will be able to continue.





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