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Hi guys,

I would like to do some commercial for my project, Self Supporting Village Sweden. As I wrote on the P2P foundation wiki, "the Self Supporting Village Sweden is a project that aims to create a fully self supporting village in the harsh and sun fatigue location of mid-Sweden. By combining existing theories with practice, the project also aims to create templates of how an self supporting village could be created in more locations than the initial "test" village"".

The whole article can be read at http://p2pfoundation.net/Self_Supporting_Village_Sweden

So to make a long story short, I am in need of partners that are willing to join me for the project, in particular the first phase (build the house), mostly with physical help to build it, but also with money.

This project is likely to be seen as a "sub project" of Franz Nahrada's Global Villages project, the SSVS focuses on particular swedish things like its jurisdiction and climate.

My plans is to start build as soon as the spring comes to Sweden, and the house will be some kind of earth sheltered builing, a bit similar to an earthship, but more focused on insulation rather than sun inlet.

Even if we don't instantly become self supported, it will still be very cheap to live there. I hope I can lend a small room for about 50 EUR per month for the one that wants to rent a place for a longer time.

Any comments? I hope to make a presentation of the project on the P2P Foundation blog next monday.


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Just want to say that efforts like these that appeal to regular people, as opposed to soliciting funds/help from 'old world' organizations, is exactly the type of change that we need.

One thing stuck in my head now with respect to all of this is "together we have everything" <--- saw this in Josef's signature :)

Here is an evolving intuition:

While it may be very difficult to build momentum for any project, I believe that if you manage to create homeostasis for your participants then they will come. The key is knowing your audience and what keeps them both sane and motivated and offering such an environment for them. The world, especially RIGHT NOW, is full of chaos and instability, especially for some exceptionally smart/talented/committed people who find themselves on the fringe of society.

If you can create a kind of homeostatic environment for such people they will come to you... a shelter for the mind, body and soul...

Maybe the next thing to do is to define the model for such environment.





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