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Ripple Pay looking for communities to test-drive its p2p payment system

Daniel (daniel@ripplexchange.com) has recently posted a message on the Google group that discusses the implementation of the Ripple p2p payment system. Ripple relies on reciprocal credit between peers to route payments between persons, even if they are not directly acquainted with each other.

You can find some basic information on Ripple on a post on my personal blog here:


The call for beta testers from Daniel, is here:

We're looking for communities to test-drive Ripplepay, which as you may already know is an implementation of Ripple open decentralized payment. We believe that using Ripplepay would offer some benefits to you and your community, and we would like to experiment with larger-scale Ripple use to learn how we can improve it and to grow the network. Ripplepay allows you to create accounts and make unlimited financial transactions for free. These operations are powered by open source software that routes payments over your entered credit relationships among the community -- effectively converting your existing social network into a decentralized payment system.

Using Ripplepay is completely free, and you can send and receive payments in different currencies of your choice. You can also automatically convert among currencies, loan or borrow with your associates, and use interest rates of your choice (or no interest at all). Ripplepay can coexist alongside any other payment forms you already use.

Our proposal is to offer some incentives and any necessary support to help you and other community members create and use Ripplepay accounts. This would leverage your community network by monetizing your social credit, while providing us with a live demonstration of Ripple use within a community. It would help form the basis for ongoing Ripple growth.

We encourage anyone interested in this proposal to go to


and read more about Ripplepay, set up a free account, and enter any connections with others into the system. We can help with any questions you have about the process. If you would like to establish a sample connection and get $10 of free credit, or for any information, please e-mail ripp...@ripplexchange.com.

Once you have connected with your community on Ripplepay, you can enter any IOUs and make or receive payments. You can also invite any businesses or other organizations that serve your community to set up their own Ripplepay accounts, so that you can do business with them using Ripplepay as well.

We would like to hear of any ideas you have for incentives or anything else to help you adopt Ripplepay, as well as any other feedback. Establishing the use of Ripplepay could help your community and the development of Ripplepay, so this would be a great match!

Thanks for your consideration.

If you have a circle of friends and would like to try this out, please consider joining or perhaps pass on the information to others who might be interested...

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