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Reporting on Mobile Broadband Developments - Dailywireless

Daily Wireless curator Sam Churchill says he just posted the 10,000th article on his site that tracks wireless developments.

In 2002, blogs were pretty new, but computers running NoCat software were enabling coffee shops to provide free WiFi. PersonalTelco in Portland was formed to evangelize the phenomena.

The vision was a city-wide WiFi mesh network, created by individuals. Although not an engineer, I was skeptical but enthusiastic. Dailywireless.org was an effort to track developments in community LANs, broadband cellular and the emerging 802.16 standards.

I’m still an enthusiast. Still tracking broadband news. Only now, broadband wireless (and applications) are becoming essential to everyday life...

10,000th Story on Dailywireless

Significantly, one of the top stories (if not THE top story) on the Daily Wireless blog over these years was The Open-Mesh Revolution in 2008, discussing Meraki, FON and Open-Wireless.

How long will it be till we have a breakthrough towards that ubiquitous user-owned and user-controlled wireless cloud?

Sam seems to think it's mobile devices that will eventually do it.

10,000th Story on Dailywireless

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