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Project Kleinrock - making the internet indestructible


Project Kleinrock is an attempt to create an autonomous and decentralized "second layer" of the Internet, which can operate without the use of Internet Service Providers. This network can be set up using nothing more than common household wifi routers. It works by creating a web of routers, connected to each other by switching them into repeater mode, a mode that most routers are capable of. In repeater mode, routers can act as relays, amplifying and rebroadcasting the signal of the router they are connected to, and preserving that router's connections. Each router is connected to a computer which acts as a server, hosting documents which can be accessed from anywhere along the network.

With enough cooperation, and a large number of open "Kleinrock Nodes", an entire neighborhood, or even an entire city, can become networked by stringing all of the routers together, and the Kleinrock layer will be accessible to anyone with a wifi-enabled device. From here, it is trivial to connect multiple Kleinrock networks to each other. Since the network is entirely wifi-based, no ISP connections are necessary, and the network cannot be destroyed without the deactivation of every Kleinrock router.

found here: http://wiki.omegasdg.com/index.php?title=Project_Kleinrock

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It appears that these guys could use some help to keep the enthusiasm going and to develop this into a fully functioning solution...




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