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A fellow P2P'er asked me to post a discussion explaining 'who' we are and what we do! So, this is it! Ponokno (www.ponoko.com) is our funky place where you can design, request a design, shop, create (one or all of these!) awesome cool stuff from your or someone else's great mind, and then manufacture it in whatever material you want (within reason!).

We've just recently developed a very cool option that allows you to draw anything, photograph it, upload it, and then you can have this manufactured! It's called photomake (http://www.ponoko.com/photomake) Cool eh!

Love to hear people's thoughts and opinions! We're also offering anyone 50% off making costs for the next 24 hours (ie: til the end of Christmas Day) by entering in the code 7GGTVL. Cheers, Nic.

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By far Ponoko has the coolest blog (of many) that I have in my RSS reader! Thanks for showing so much inspiration.
Hey Ras, happy to inspire! If you do give us a go, would love to hear your feedback on your experience, as it's through our customers that we improve and grow! Cheers, Nic.
I am a former Wall Street Journal reporter, now author/speaker with a lifelong interest in the specific methods and success stories for accomplishing more together than one can alone. I call this a Me2We mindset. Towards that end it would be gratifying to see way this Ning-supported site facilitated p2p idea feedback - as MB has been ardently attempting to do.

Re your DIY site... I wrote about the topic here, where you may want to comment





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