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Peep Wireless - peering mobile phones in a mesh

According to an article on Sharable, 


Peep Wireless Proposes a Peer-To-Peer Cell Network.

This week at the Consumer Electronics Show, Peep Wireless announced a mesh network technology that could serve as an alternative to existing networks provided by a handful of companies which charge a premium for access.

  • "Our software App turns phones into a client/server viral transmitter/receiver without using server racks or cell towers..."

Shareable quotes Rafe Needleman as saying:

The mesh concept, which is not new, is that instead of phone voice or data moving as it does now, from low-powered mobile devices to high-powered, fixed towers, phones (and possibly other radio-equipped devices) would act as a miniature cell towers and repeaters on their own, handling data transmission for nearby devices. So if you're calling someone across the street, chances are you might be able to connect to their device directly, or maybe in just one or two "hops," using other people's devices as the towers and repeaters of your ad-hoc network. Without cell towers, of course, there's no need for cellular carriers, no expensive private infrastructure to support, and no need for big recurring bills. A peer-to-peer mesh network is, in some cases, more robust than the traditional cellular infrastructure. It's certainly faster and cheaper to build.

Peep Wireless Proposes a Peer-To-Peer Cell Network

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