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IETF, P2P Traffic, World Wide Mesh and Gmail/Gtalk downtime

Why would Gmail/Gtalk take a performance hit, as it did for me today (almost unusable), when Google owns the world's largest data centers?

Maybe you can't centralize the Web? (rhetorical question)

In other news, the IETF is finally tackling the p2p traffic problem after BitTorrent (more specifically, their uTorrent client) started using Reliable UDP instead of TCP (not sure if they've open sourced this reliable UDP implementation) for file transfer not just for DHT and NAT hole punching.


I had written a post on the Internet's successor, the Worldwide [Wireless] Mesh, which mentions P2P traffic problems in context of 802.11s and forthcoming standards. Maybe what the IETF is doing now re: p2p traffic would be also inclusive of wireless mesh standards (to support P2P better over wireless mesh)

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There has also been a lively discussion on this site, of the possibility of a ubiquitous p2p mesh taking over from the client/server and client/access provider centered net we have today:

Could 'Peernet' be separate from today's internet infrastructure?

Good to know, and you were actually discussing the "mesh" or what has become known as WWM (worldwide mesh) in many circles just 2 months from the time I first took interest in it, and that goes to show how 'creativity' is shared among us all.

GMAIL has been giving me major problems all day. It's down 98% of the time. Now they added error messages that start with "Oops! the system ..." and Oops! on them for pushing the Cloud paradigm and having the entire Google set of applications based on a centralized model.

Sure it's faster, but when there is a problem, and there is always going to be a problem, it breaks much faster than a decentralized model would. If the Internet is decentralized, why is the web still client/cloud?
In fact, what they are pushing as "cloud" is really client/server in a new and snazy looking outfit.

Real cloud computing will be based on our own steam, it will be linking up the storage capabilities and the computing power of our own devices, joined in a network of networks, or what you term the WWM.




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