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Seeking the brightest engineers in the world to offer a solution building a mesh network for Egypt. Post on the forum, no registration required. We need solid ideas and engineers to help with the planning. This is a community effort. Jump in and help us.

Join our Skype Group Chat: Looking for engineers, technical writers, Wireless Implementers, programmers with knowledge in forking Wifi Router code, wireless manufactures with software or hardware solutions. add garyjaybrooks2000 to skype and I'll add you to a group chat.

Suggested place to chat if you meet on forum
IRC Channel:One click access: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#openmesh4egypt

Email: garybrooks@cloudaccess.net or twitter @garyjaybrooks if you want to help with organizing content on the site.

Get involved in the community effort to help Egypt:

Links to articles

Make comments

Share your engineering thoughts

More information is coming soon. Please keep this page open and follow the hashtag #openmesh on twitter.

The team is currently organizing information and forum topics.

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