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Friendika - an open source distributed network to centralize your social interactions

Venessa Miemis of emergentbydesign.com found this one. 


Friendika which you can find at http://project.friendika.com/ looks like a very interesting initiative with great potential. 


More than just another social network, it seems to be a place to concentrate control of your social interactions, even with friends who are in other networks. 


Since it is a distributed network, if you have server space available and are able to install and run an instance of the friendika program, please consider doing so. If you just want to try it out, choose one of the existing implementations to get the feel of it. 


Let me quote some salient points from their site here.


Up to a billion people interact with each other every day across millions of websites and communications services. Blogs, email, forums, Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Diaspora, Identi.ca, Drupal and more... These can each be used as a limited type of "social network".

Friendika is bringing them all together.


Friendika doesn't require that you use any other services for social communication. We have implemented a fully distributed communications protocol ("DFRN") for sharing with your friends across the internet. It has all the privacy and communication features you expect, military-grade message encryption, and more. This network is infinitely scalable, and nobody can ever own it.

They're your photos. Your posts - to be shared with who you wish and only with those you wish.

Friendika is decentralised, open source, secure, private, modular, extensible, and federated.

Oh, and Friendika is free.

Free as in beer, free as in freedom, free as in "no strings attached", free as in - well, free.


Check it out here: http://project.friendika.com/


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