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Dear P2P friends,

I'm working on a project to define the contours of a new approach to marketing -- what I call "Evolutionary Marketing" -- based on the recognition that we are all part of an evolving process, and that we have both a responsibility and opportunity to evolve our perspective on how and why we communicate, sell, and engage.

I'm looking for case studies, articles, and papers on approaches to marketing -- online in particular -- that demonstrate a more "integral" perspective on the subject. Does anyone have any resources?


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Hi Sam,

I'm guessing your familiar with VRM?

No! Can you elaborate?
here's an intro to vendor relationships management:

Some (more superficial) thinking along these lines has been visited by me and others during discussions about how to develop a "Front end" to CubeSpawn.

A method of commanding the automated system to produce a particular thing is partially fleshed out by a combination of an online ordering system (still used, even if you’re in the same room with the machinery) and a parts management component.

This system determines availability, or schedules production of, a batch of parts needed for what is currently on order.

This is invariably a complex system and some discussion has been given to integrating an existing open source ERP package to provide the inventory and order submission process.

A relationship between this ERP, an advanced scheduling component, a versioning parts management system with dependency tracking would be needed to automate the conversion of a customer request to system action.

The BOMs driving the Parts Management system (tentatively SKDB) reside in the ERP.

A request through the interface triggers a sequence of events culminating in retrieving parts from inventory or scheduling production of more parts of that type if inventory is insufficient.

Numerous additional technical nuances arise as the system is examined more closely but the foregoing describes the gist of the issues.

Does this description conform to your vision of a VRM system, or is a VRM more concerned with managing the individuals interaction on a social plane with a manufacturer? Or, does the VRM simply announce that a given service is required by an individual? The definition in the link is not specific as to process…




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