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I would like to see something serving the same function as ebay but with the following differences:

-only allows you to view items for sale by people you "trust", or people who people you trust trust or people you trust trust trust (and so on ad infinitum).

-instead of leaving negative feedback, you make a complaint a bit like a lawsuit. You say how much the other party has to pay to settle the issue (if the item you paid for never arrived then you would ask for a refund, or whatever you think is fair). If they do not pay your price then you apply the same complaint to whoever connected you (indirectly) to them. If they do not think your complaint is reasonable then they won't pay and if they don't pay, then you disconnect from them (stop trusting them). If they think your complaint is reasonable then they will pay and will in turn complain to their contact, and so on. The idea being that the system "learns" which people have shared standards and values, and so you tend more and more to do business with people with similar honor as yourself. It would also encourage even dishonorable people to start being honorable just because it's good for business.

"ebay alternative" was just a way to introduce this principle. It could and should be applied to information also. Currently information is centralised by website, not by user connection. This is crazy.

This idea is similar to Charles Bloom's Network of Trust http://www.cbloom.com/NoT.html

There are many possible projects like this that all depend on a "friend of friend of friend etc." network. The only one I can find with a working prototype is ripple protocol.

Why can't I find any other working prototypes?

This question is discussed more thoroughly on the ripple discussion forum:


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