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Over the last 16-17 years, I have devoted much time researching natural resource management, energy issue, lethal drugs, GM seeds and foods, Codex, nutrition deficient food, etc, about 12 key issues that threaten our personal freedom and survival.

The solution to these problems are not easy but much could be achieved f we sort of simplified / reduced our demands on Nature, in other words back to basix with clear understanding of the science.

There are many excellent websites that focus on some of the 12 issues, but I don't know if any presents the convergence in a logical manner. If you think there is a need to address these issues and their combined impact on our lives, would you suggest that a new discussion group be started?

Best regards
Arun Shrivastava
New Delhi

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What would, in your view, be the nexus that connects all those disparate issues?

Is is the 'basics', the understanding of simple basic truths about those issues, which would allow us to form a clear concept of what's wrong and eventually find a simple resolution for these problems?

And ... you list a few of the issues by example. Are there any others on your mind as well?
Yes Sepp,
Take food: the basic method of growing food is now fossil fuel dependent [fertilizers, pesticide, hybrid and increasingly GM seeds] and there is enough evidence that foods are now nutrition deficient chiefly for these reasons. Natural farming methods allow soil to sequester atmospheric carbon but present methods don't.
Ingestion of nutrition deficient [minerals, vitamins, etc] is behind majority of illnesses and diseases. While these facts are known the planned Food Law [Codex] seeks to limit nutrition while allowing 400+ types of pesticides in our food, being forced around the world by WTO.
There tested, viable and scalable technology exists to generate energy for even the most profligate nations [chiefly US and Western Europe] the mind set is mired in coal-nuclear-hydro option.
If we look at the relationships between modern food and energy systems and correlate with sustainable threshold of natural systems like water, land, and air we are already at the tipping point.
That is why the need for back to basix with full understanding of the science. And also without too much 'compromise' with our modern habits, unless the assumption is that we all can survive with business as usual paradigm.




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