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Aram Sinnreich: The Next Generation Internet

Great TEDx talk by Aram Sinnreich, assistant professor at Rutgers University

about MondoNet, a vision for an independent, distributed internet under user control.



Sinnreich envisions a new internet that uses mesh networking to produce a stable, ad hoc, global wireless network in which each user is a router, server and client combined, and in which no single state or organization can effectively censor or surveil the population on a broad scale.

To date, Sinnreich and his team have developed a set of “social specifications” describing the functionalities required of MondoNet, and are in the process of mapping these specifications to open technological platforms. Their present aim is to develop a fully open, global development process akin to the collaborative environments surrounding Linux and Wikimedia.

The 10 Social Specifications for a Democratized Network

1. Decentralized
2. Universally Accessible
3. Censor-Proof
4. Surveillance-Proof
5. Secure
6. Scalable
7. Permanent
8. Fast (Enough)
9. Independent
10. Evolvable

To read a draft version of the full MondoNet initiative please click here: 



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Dear Sepp: can you also embed/publish this on the regular blog, post-dated May 7 or after?


many many thanks!

I had already done this, for 1 May ... now re-scheduled for May 7.
thank you Sepp!




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