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An Open Source Programmable Frequency Function Generator - Kickstarter

Rick Tulloch in Hawaii is planning to create an open source programmable frequency/function generator that is based on low cost hardware and open source software. He is asking for your support of this initiative on Kickstarter.


This project will give the user the option to choose how they will vary or control their created signal or signals.  Whether that control comes from the computers keyboard, mouse, usb midi controller, Arduino board or by any mixture thereof, the choice will be yours.  One of the special features this software will also allow, is the entering in of trigonometric functions, which some expensive signal / function generators just don't offer.


There are many different types of function/signal/frequency generators on the market usually costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

In the past I've created several different types of software based frequency generators (see images below), however they all required the use of proprietary and expensive software packages that the average hobbyist/inventor may not be able to afford or have the time to learn.

Sounds like a worthwhile open source hardware project. If you agree, you can help make it a reality by going to Kickstarter (like above) and chipping in.

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