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Is Peter Sunde seriously considering to bypass the official entity charged with routing traffic on the Internet?

According to an article on geek.com by Matthew Humphries, this may well be the case.

Peter Sunde is one of the founders of the Pirate Bay and has had some trouble with a domain that apparently was taken from him and re-assigned without his consent.

For more on this, read

Peter Sunde attempting to create p2p alternative to ICANN

A much fuller account of what's going on and the technology being considered for building a distributed routing capability that would make us independent of US government controlled domain name servers, is here:

The domain seizures by the United States authorities in recent days and upcoming legislation that could make similar takeovers even easier in the future, have inspired a group of enthusiasts to come up with a new, decentralized and BitTorrent-powered DNS system. This system will exchange DNS information through peer-to-peer transfers and will work with a new .p2p domain extension.

And one more report on this...
P2P-DNS is a community project that will free internet users from imperial control of DNS by ICANN. In order to prevent unjust prosecution or denial of service, P2P-DNS will operate as a distributed and less centralized service hosted by the users of DNS. Temporary substitutes, (as Alpha and Beta developments), are being made ready for deployment. A network with no centralized points of failure, (per the original design of the internet), remains our goal. P2P-DNS is developing rapidly.

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