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VIRTUAL INTRO: Anders Abrahamsson, peer2peer processes for authoring and clubbing > cultural transformation!


I stumbled upon this Ning site through my friend Josef Davies-Coates. Needles to say, in my peer-to-peer social network :) !

For my general activity, where Sustainopreneurship is in the core of my activity streams, I refer to my profile page. For the context-relevant intro - this Ning Community of P2P Foundation - I took the liberty to express myself through the "how I came across this site" form field, copied in here to converse.

Start Quote:

Peer to peer is a key word in my vocabulary for societal change, especially peer to peer social networks.

Currently the concept p2p is in the core of the core of the core of two of my main activities, as underlined below.

One - Authoring a book on Sustainopreneurship, quote;

"Authoring process of the popularization book
- through proactive crowd-sourcing with peer2peer reveiw

The authoring process of the popularization and further (applied) research on Sustainopreneurship will be conducted through a collaborative wisdom-generating process. The core academic material will be going through an “english-to-english” translation to increase accessibility, and will be published in blog article chunks, piece by piece. Blogs will be syndicated into the Author’s blog on ÆREAS(i) virtual home, Sustainopreneur’s Café as well, for communal conversation.

When the text has gotten this feedback, aggregative collection of text and pics will be done through a Book Wiki for final review. When editing and layout beyond this final touch has been done getting it into PDF adapted mostly for print media in the eBooklet PDF format, it will be published in full text through Scribd and syndicated for download over at the Sustainopreneurship Book Group over at the Café. Articles becomes eBooklets, eBooklets grows into Chapters, and Chapters together grows into full Book Parts, with all parts merged at last in an estimated ~500 page volume, published in the future.

To summarize the flow:

Blog > Community Review > Wiki > PDF eBooklet > Chapter > Book Part > Book"

MORE DETAILS: http://iaereas.wordpress.com/publishing/

Two - Developing a Club Concept, "Club2Club";

It had its Première Night May 5, 2008, and 2nd edition at end of November later this year - from the Club Concept Idea page from first event site;

"The idea

It's all about the gathering. Meeting up to share one spirit - Joy of Life. Club2Club is a club concept created with one focus, aspiration and intention - to have a world with people living in peace and harmony, in between each other, in between the people and planet. We believe that the unifying spirit from the dance floor creates a vibe leading to this state of inner and outer peace, emerging from one of the oldest human rituals - dancing together. With that said, we would love to see collaboration as a natural and default habit, rather than competition - living side by side. In the cultural setting of club-life, meaning a co-existence: Club to Club, Genre to Genre, Style to Style, Peer to Peer - grasping the core from where electronic dance music came and where we want to see it go. We would love to have a situation where we would not be forced to label the music played - the genres mentioned in the tags are to be seen as a guide, rather than a fixed end. Whatever takes the feeling to celebrate our life lived joyfully deserves a place within the club2club frame. Making your body, mind, heart and spirit move!"

MORE DETAILS: http://www.club2club.se

That's it!

Glad to be here.


PS. I have two Ning communities as well, one on Sustainopreneurship, one for my DJ'ing.

Sustainopreneur's Café - http://sustainopreneurship.ning.com / http://www.sustainopreneurship.org
DJ Anders - the Virtual Clubbing Experience - http://djanders.ning.com

One to come for club2club as well :). DS.

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