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Hi All,
Feeling compelled to introduce this here as a model which hasn't been listed on the P2P Foundation site. I didn't seem able to register and add it, so perhaps I can introduce it here.

It started as the result of pitching a white paper to the committee to re-elect the President in 1996 and explored the relationship between the emerging information age, poverty and terrorism proposing a new model of business based on principles of social capitalism. It advocated a complete break with the nonprofit paradigm proposing instead a more inclusive form of capitalism which invested in community.

It was then published in 1997 in synopsis on the web without copyright to be usable by all.

Proof of concept came with the Tomsk Regional Initiative, where a P-CED strategy paper leveraged a microfinance bank and 35 associated social projects in the city of Tomsk, Siberia. It resulted in 10,000 new businesses. more than 80% started by women, and full cost recovery between 2000 and 2005. Finca managed the microfinance bank which appears as a 5 diamond rated entry on MixMarket.

In 2004 it was incorporated as a UK based software development business, deploying profit to advocate for poverty elimination and childcare reform in Ukraine and in October 2006 resulted in the delivery of the strategy paper "Micro-economic Development and Social Enterprise, a 'Marshall Plan' for Ukraine"

P-CED Manifesto
Social Capitalism white paper
Tomsk Intiative
Crimean Tatars
Marshall Plan for Ukraine
Revenue source

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Sounds like an interesting idea.

Do you have a website you can point to, or some documents you can upload to give more specific information?
Certainly Sepp, I've added some to the top of the thread. I was avoiding self-publicity.

Dear Jeff,

Our wiki is open to everyone now, using recaptcha as a security, but I can log you in as a member if I have your email address.

And we do have an article on P-CED, see http://p2pfoundation.net/People-Centered_Economic_Development

Feel free to update it with new information,

Michel Bauwens
Ah Michael, yes I missed that. I was probably going by the list you put on Social Edge, in a long overdue discussion on this subject. I may have been able to edit without realising but was trying to work out how to add a page, thinking I needed to.

You've done quite a job with data mining, I've been researching for some time myself without finding several of these models.

I will update with developments since 2001 and get the author involved too.


In Pakistan, there's a lady called Ramla Aktar who has independently conceived a people-centered business model which embraces the bigger picture of a communities' socio-economic, spiritual, ecological and personal needs.





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