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I would like to invite the community to a discussion around scenarios for the next evolution of our social systems.

The context I'd like to propose is that the neoliberal period which started in the last quarter of the last century, seems no longer tenable. Oil and food shocks, global warming, and other systemic crises seem to ask for an alternative model. This model could be conceivably worse, or better.

I would like to discuss not just what would happen 'if everything stays the same', but also the positive scenarios that presume that forces of positive social change become stronger.

Here is in short, my summary of my own expectations:

- in the short term, the crisis gets worse

- in the mid-term, increased systemic crises related to the sustainability crisis may lead to a global reform of the system, but based on the agenda of the dominant social forces, this is what I call the 'green capitalist scenario'.

But the deep changes required for sustainability are not possible without much broader participation, and hence, this phase creates the possibility for a further strengthening of the p2p forms of life.

If capitalism as infinite growth system is indeed incompatible with the continued existence of a human-friendly biosphere, the resulting crisis will set the stage for a more fundamental transformation towards a peer-to-peer based human civilization.

The above is of course a very short summary of what have written in other places, and to which I can refer to later.

Thanks for sharing your own visions of the future, not just in terms of wishes, but in terms of what we can realistically expect,


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