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Nature farms for climate change mitigation

Hi friends, i am new here .My work revolves arround Natural/organic soil remediation to ensure the micronutrients regeneration by accomodating the farms with full range bio diversity with buffer crops as habitations for predators.Many soil enzymes are capable of absorbing carbon die oxide from the atmosphere and retain it in soil.
Shift to Tree crops: Species like Bamboo absorbs more carbon die oxide,its fast growing,essential for house constuction in rural areas of Asia and Africa.Beside this there are many fruit bearing and fodder producing tree species that we need to look in to to develop the wilderness and also livelihoods.
Moringa Oleifera is an important plant specie which requires water only during growth stage and can meet most of the essential micronutrients in both human and soil food cycle.Moringa seeds can be used in cactionic process to purify water .We nee to look at the paradigm shift in cropping patterns to effectively mitigate the global ecological crissis.
In India the farmers are left with no option except to go for tree cropping since aquifer depth has gone down up to 250 and 350 metres.Farmers cannot senselessly go on increasing the depth of aquifers to draw water for irrigation.The lands are getting parched with no capillary moisture retention capability in the top soil.

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Yes, this is extremely important. Irrigated agriculture can increase yields on a short term basis but with sinking ground water levels is not sustainable in the long term.

I would suggest to look into the wisdom of Austrian "water wizard" Viktor Schauberger, as edited in this book by Callum Coats:

The Fertile Earth: Nature's Energies in Agriculture, Soil Fertilisa...




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