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An idle woman on her cell phone with her pet dog nearby. That’s a common scene in my county, frankly. And people poke fun at us. Legitimately. To many, Marin means rich people who live just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, in the lush hills with bay views yet there are other great parts here (and some not). Yet it is not just a quick tour stop over on your way to Napa, perhaps to see Muir Woods or to look back from Sausalito onto the S.F. skyline.

That’s what San Anselmo-based, Mindy Pines is out to prove with a fresh photo every day. I wouldn’t have discovered Mindy’s beautiful photoblog if our veteran Marin IJ reporter Paul Liberatore hadn’t written about her. But this old media (newspapers) led to a new media (Creative Commons-based network) discovery. Mindy’s photoblog is part of an online network of CoolPhotoblogs. I could jump from Marin into India, Estonia, Korea, Poland, Australia, Greece, the UK, Iran … oh my gosh I’ve got to leave this mini-vacation and do some work.

Counter-intuitively, one new media community led to old (traditional) media bragging rights for photographers. Your best photos, contributed online at JPG Magazine may appear in their monthly print magazine – if the community votes for them.JPG magazine

Hint: Attract a larger audience (or customers, supporters, members, etc.) by banding together with others who do what you do yet

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There are a number of interesting developments re sharing creative material.
A recent article in the Oakland Tribune is of particular interest. It described a kind of web publishing that I hadn't heard of before -- think YouTube for writers, but in this case, you can get paid for what you submit (if it's good enough or popular enough).
The article mentioned three different sites, which I've just given the once-over. They all look like good prospects. Check them out:

I've since posted an article to Helium.com.

Back to pictures, you can find lots of mine at my online photo gallery: http://picasaweb.google.com/tomazhg
They all look interesting - and demonstrate the need to make it abundantly obvious, at first glance, that people can contribute and get paid
oops meant Thomas
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