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Dear friends,

I cannot help but notice that most of our community is still very male dominated. I'm not sure about the reasons for this, and it is certainly not intentional. So here is a special appeal to invite female friends and colleagues interested in the open and p2p paradigms.

Thanks for helping in making our community more diverse,


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Dear Michael,

thanks for your opinion on the gender diversity. Women have always been considered as the other half. But the other half had always contributed their wisdom for evolution of human society. Womens knowledge and wisdom for a sustainable society cannot be undermined.

In fact Prior to this disasters like climate change,global warming and many other un declared wars that the human society is going through it is the women who maintained the equilibrium and harmony of our societies.

As for as my knowledge goes it is the women who understood the natural orders and symbiotic systems of nature; but the male dominated patriarchy had destroyed the symbiotics of natural order.

I am convinced that women have a greater potential to contribute to retrieve the planet earth for all of us.
Dear L.C.:

Thanks for your contribution! The situation has sensibly improved since that first call, I am now more closely working with female academics like Athina Karatzgionanni and Phoebe Moore, who are creating a P2P Research group for us.

I like to think that the new period will bring the best of out both genders, something I find nicely expressed in Larry Taub's book, The Spiritual Imperative,





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