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Robin Good pointed me here and I have been looking around for the last half an hour. I'm the CTO of a company called MetaASO. We launched our product line called Mermaid. Which has million node realtime broadcast P2P software(s) among other things. Please have a look at http://mermaid.metaaso.com

Can anyone point me to PeerNet details? Our product has been compared to that and I would like to learn more about PeerNet.


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Hi Aditya,

I think the PeerNet you are referring to is so far just an idea being discussed here in a thread Sepp started...


Out of interest...

What language is Mermaid written in?
Do you plan to release a version for linux?
And to open source it?


Mermaid Is written in 3 languages...

UI in c#
most functionality and framework in C++
HD Video Codec and functionality in ASM

We plan to release a version for linux and mac soon
No plans to opensource it as of now.
Thanks for the info.

Let me know when the linux (ubuntu) version is available and I'll give it a go :)
The term PeerNet has been used in a paper titled

PeerNet: Pushing Peer-to-Peer Down the Stack (PDF)

which describes an alternative addressing system for mobile peer-to-peer communication.

I have adopted the same term (without initially knowing about that paper) to describe the idea of a peer-based alternative to the internet. The idea has gradually morphed.

I now imagine a peer-based connection layer that uses WiFi or similar technologies to link up users among themselves in an open mesh network and allows them to collectively access the data pipes. That's for the hardware and connectivity side.

For software, we will have to see what emerges to make optimal use of the mesh and to bring the internet experience away from today's client/server paradigm into a more P2P oriented use.




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